The Smashing Tunes Thread


The genius of Will Oldham produced by the genius of Steve Albini.


Andrew Bird - The Giant of Illinois


Fleet Foxes - Third of May / Ōdaigahara


20 years old. Omfg.


Remember me?


Richard and Linda Thompson - I want to see the bright lights tonight



Christ, they were an utterly shit band.





Lock the thread. Close the forum. Delete the internet.


Great choon.

But i’d prefer this.


Fantastic song.

I prefer this one:


Tough to pick a favourite Neil Young tune but this is an excellent slightly lesser known one


All timeless.

This is the one standout artist i share with my auld lad.

Well jim and Johnny Cash. I love the simple tunes


The Godfather of Grunge. :ronnyroar: Type O Negative’s cover of this got me into them cc @ironmoth

De father’s favourite Neil Young tune :grinning::


Neil Young is great, incredible body of work. A seriously underrated guitarist as well, the solos on live versions of Powderfinger and Cortez the Killer are top notch.

Her’s another underappreciated Canadian: Joni Mitchell, River.


Neil Young is in the ra.


We onto under appreciated Canadian singer songwriters?
I’ve seen this fella live a couple of times and he’s top notch.
Ron Sexsmith