The Smashing Tunes Thread


It’ll be lovely for the first dance alright.


It sure will.


Posted here before, but sheer perfection.


Lads Neil young is not under appreciated really. He spans 4 generations ffs and popular amongst many in that


I don’t think anyone will disagree with that ---- I’ve been listening to him through my auld fella since I was 6/7


Neil Young’s biggest weapon for me is his voice.

So brittle. Just incredible.

My favourite Young song.


Red eyes by WOD.

Fuck me what a song.


It’s a smashing tune Kev.


The new album is a smashing effort, the guitar work and production are stellar. Granduciel plays an incredible range of instruments, as does new member Anthony LaMarca who is renowned for his drumming (Annie Clark’s band), but plays guitar on LITD and the new album. They have taken a 80s sound and perfected it, and yes his voice is very reminiscent of Tom Petty.


Its a wonderful album.3 of my clients went thru alot of it tonoght. Standard response was “thats unbeluevable”


Pitbull - Fireball



The War on Drugs - In Chains

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Stevie Ray Vaghan - Texas Flood


Its one of the best nee albums i can remember





Possibly my favourite Beatles song.


Perfection in simplicity