The Smashing Tunes Thread


Absolutely fantastic. I can listen to them for hours


I’ve been listening to little else but these lads and Tom Petty in recent weeks, TFKers that I’d have a bit of respect for have turned me on to them and I’ve given them a chance, great stuff indeed.


Ya, kinda addictive


Jonathan Richman - Cornerstore


Will Oldham - The Ohio River Boat Song


One of the greats.

Abba - Gimme Gimme Gimme


FAO War on Drugs fans.

Kurt Vile has a new album coming out with Courtney Barnett. Kurt n’ Courtney, if you will.

The first single is a fine thing:


This could be a gamechanger, how could this possibly not be amazing?


Courtney Barnett is awesome.


Neutral Milk Hotel - Oh Comely


The video for this is wonderful. It’s shot at Gougane Barra in Cork.

Young Wonder - To You


Stevie Ray Vaughan - Look at Little Sister


I get the tom petty in his individual work. Not on WOD.

Edit: just listening to him there solo. He has some beautiful stuff.


Decent song, hot singer, Gougane Barra is beautiful, but that video is a pile of shit and doesn’t highlight half enough of it.


Tom Waits, Rain Dogs - A 10 out of 10 album for me.

Clap Hands

Tango Till You’re Sore

Anywhere I Lay My Head


Slow Drive - Golden Hair


Cigarettes after Sex - Affection






It’s a funny and quite disappointing thing that an awful lot of people of my vintage think that the Stranglers were a one hit wonder band, and in typical fashion that one hit wasn’t that great at all compared to some of their other stuff.