The Smashing Tunes Thread


Golden Brown ? Always the Sun?

They are still both very good tunes - but yeah, some of their early punk/ Doors like stuff is fantastic.


Golden Brown, I thought the same myself until I bought a compilation called sound of the suburbs in the early 90s, No more heroes was on that, check out this for a list of tunes to assault my 18 year old ears, every last one a smashing tune at the very least


What album would you recommend bro? From a quick google of reviews, their second album No More Heroes seems to be the most acclaimed.


The Jam :clap:


Depends on your taste bro -they’re an ever changing Band - No More Heroes is one I love but most die hard fans would plump for The Raven or Stranglers IV (Rattus Norvegicus) - Black N White is great as well — any of their first 4 albums really, mate.


I posted this elsewhere yesterday — Two fucks they did not give –

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The Stranglers :smile:


Fuck off you. You’ve made it quite clear you’re not really a punk fan and have slated The Clash and Stranglers here before. You listen to enough rubbish yourself, cunt.


Like the fucking War on Drugs!

Apologies if you’re a fan mate.


Aging pub rockers who put on a bit of eye liner and became pretend punks. :smile: Jet Black is 80 for fuck sake.


The whole world is pretending mate.


The Stranglers… punk :joy::joy::joy:
Nostalgia is a terrible thing to waste


The War on Drugs are a great bit of easy listening - No need to apologise.


Yes, mate - There’s more to punk than just the staple 3 cord bashers…


You don’t know the first thing about punk.




That was a great compilation


Bit bland, no?




Lou Reed “One chord is fine, two chords is pushing it, three chords and you’re into jazz”.