The Smashing Tunes Thread



A huge favourite of mine.


Now there is an album.


Bill is chief


He certainly ‘breaks horses’ as well.

Cat Power, Joanna Newsom


Get a room @farmerinthecity + @caulifloweredneanderthal


Was surprised to hear he “settled down” a few years ago and got a wife and kid. A serious swordsman in his day



The way to school I tried to meet you
Your father used to drop you off
You’d step out of a red Cortina
You looked so pretty on those winter mornings

First love stays with you forever


Great song, they could really connect with people back then.
This is my favourite, pretty sure Leo wrote it for his dad who died before he was born leaving his mother heartbroken for the remainder of her days

I never even met him
But I knew we’d be a pair
We’d have sat down in any pub in town
And had a good time there
But there’s something there between us
Stands in both our way’s
When all these things are sorted out
I hope you’ll meet someday


Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Still her best effort.


I think Tim Wheeler said that this song was ‘by far the best thing Ash ever did’.

I admire his honesty.



Great song, of a time. Never really did it live, but that album brings back great memories.


Ash were unbelievably good back then, I’m always blown away that Tim wrote Girl from Mars as a 14 or 15 year old, they were pure excitement, great for a mosh.
I think this is a great tune as well
Ash- Petrol


I just heard Pacific State by 808 State there and I nearly cried with the pang of melancholy it gave me…fuck me, it’s powerful what music can do… I remember hearing it on Century fm I think when in bed with my walkman when the folks thought I was asleep.r


Iits unreal goes back a while


Or maybe this is the greatest song ever.


E-Bow the Letter


Belly- Slow dog


The insurgency began and you missed it


Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing :clap:


bob loved the clash, had them in mind with this tune…