The Smashing Tunes Thread




Cc all TFK lonely bedsit dwellers
Frank and Walters- Little dolls


The Subways - Oh Yeah


Sleeper - Sale of the Century


Beirut - Santa Fe



I only want to be left to my own ways.


What an outro!



22 years this week since Mellon Collie was released. Holds up well, usual weak ones obviously, but a nice piece of nostalgia for the morning


Produced by one of my favourite all time favourite music producers - Flood.


A massive double album like Mellon Collie is very ambitious.

They could easily have released a 12 track album from this and get massive critical acclaim.

Fair play to them.


My favourite music producer :grin:


That’s what it is all about bro.

Recording the band in the jacks because the acoustics is better.


I’m more of a finished product man myself and couldn’t give a shite about what they did to get it … I’m sure it makes for grand conversation but no one gives a fuck about producers and engineers and tea boys… it’s not very rock n roll is it, mate?


I dunno mate, if rock n roll is mental bat shit weirdo fucking insane carry on, it doesn’t get more batshit crazy than Spector.


I’m fascinated by this bro. That’s where the joy is in it for me.


PJ Harvey - The River


Good album, great singles,
But in the ha’penny place compared with Siamese Dream