The Smashing Tunes Thread


Fuck off.





The original 12 inch version of Leftfield’s “Song Of Life” from 1992.

This in my view is considerably better than the version which appears on “Leftism”.


Courtesy of Sunday Miscellany:

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London


It’s a little tradition of mine to listen to Dame Kiri belt out this classic on a bank holiday Sunday morning.


The Who - Behind Blue Eyes


Blur- Bank holiday


Off Lost dogs


The very strange new single from Fever Ray.

To the Moon and Back.


Been listening to the new album. A feast for Knife fans this week with the release of Live at Terminal 5


It’s difficult to know what to say about the song and how utterly brilliant it is.

It is from a Manchester band about the Moor Murders. It is written and sung with such sincerity for the victims and with a focus on the lesser of the two guilty parties in that she may have some conscience - unlike the other brute who is presumably seen as without hope/not worth bothering about. Morrissey still equates Hindley with Brady however.

It is a song that no one else could write.


The Smiths - Suffer Little Children


Do you sit in a pub talking about the producers of the pint youre having? and comparing them to other brewers’ methods?


No, just the Moors Murders.


Hipsters would. But @farmerinthecity isn’t a beer hipster


He is the king of hipsters


What do you mean by hipsters?


He’s a Guinness man