The Smashing Tunes Thread



I see your Engine Alley, and raise you Kerbdog and Sally


there’s something haunting about this tune


Holds up well


Great song.
Canice was a great auld front man.
Early-mid 90s was golden era for Irish music


What a song


May as well throw My Little Funhouse up there as well to complete this theme of Kilkenny Rock Bands from the early 90’s. These lads probably went closer to making the big breakthrough than the other two, got signed by Geffen Records, were being touted as the next Guns n’ Roses and even supported them at Slane in 92.

Strange to see three rock bands come out of the same rural town around the same time and all of them having a reasonable level of success… There mustn’t have been a hurler among the three of them!


Smashing tune? That’s fucking woeful stuff


Dreadful shit.

Trying too hard


John Cage - Sonata XII for prepared piano


Gomez - Tijuana Lady


Engine Alley were alright, nothing to write home about. Infamy was a much better song

Engine Alley - Infamy


The stranglers were a 70s band . Golden Brown was a comeback in 1981 . Great band but post 81 was safe stuff .


Ah no, they were a brilliant band, unbelievable live, song for someone is a lovely tune


But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older too
Oh, I’m getting older too




Just like Honey - JMC


Outstanding tune


Neil Young has just released his entire catalog in high resolution on his own site. The default setting is 320kbps, switch to Master for High Res.