The Smashing Tunes Thread


He is, or was, indeed. I use to not like the guy at all and for no particular reason other than he was a wife beater. But I saw an interview once where he basically admitted than he was a bit of a cunt in the past and that he was truly sorry. The impressive bit was when the interviewer tried to get away from that part of the discussion, Brown stayed with it insisting on finishing his tale so that there was no ambiguity at all about how regretful he was. I had great admiration for him afterwards and began to listen to some of his music.



Bloc Party - This Modern Love


The Pogues on non-stop these days.

May the wind that blows from haunted graves
Never bring you misery
May the angels bright
Watch you tonight
And keep you while you sleep


Simply one of the greatest songs ever written. Incredible by Philip Chevron.


Probably my second favourite Pogues song to Pair of Brown Eyes


Faust - Jennifer



Novocaine for the Soul

Rags to Rags

Last Stop: This Town


Ffs this thread has vecome a fucking joke.




Here you go pal


Arvo Pärt, Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten


Nice music.

But fuck off



LCD Soundsystem - Oh Baby


The Cure - Plainsong



Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)


Watch it over the Christmas