The Smashing Tunes Thread


@farmerinthecity , interesting list and reasoning from Stipe.


World Leader Pretend and Country Feedback are masterpieces in my view.

I am amazed by the remainder of the list though and even more startled that there is nothing from the IRS years.


It’s almost like he’s trying to justify the latter part of REM’s career. He knows he’s fooling no one.


I’ve always liked this tune. The way it changes direction after the intro is superb.

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out


The Beta Band - Dry the Rain


Kurt Vile- Pretty pimpin


Great tune regardless of being played to death back in the day.


Drive By Truckers - Three Great Alabama Icons


Hunx and His Punx - Lovers Lane


Keane - Bedshaped


Ride-Vapour Trail
This came on a Spotify playlist this morning and knocked me out all over again, what a tune.


Out of Africa main theme. John Barry


Sigrid - strangers


Nowhere is one of the great shoegaze albums, the genre doesn’t get much better than Dreams Burn Down.


I much prefer nowhere to loveless but in saying that I think Ride we’re always a great band


Ah here, Loveless is in it’s own category.


That’s what I’ve always heard but I don’t agree, personal choice.


She was on Norton last week gave this serious holly. Id never seen or heard of her before. Great tune


My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes


The Ronettes- Be my baby