The Smashing Tunes Thread


OMFG how good is this.

Always thought the very fine columnist and Red Scouser Brian Reade should have used this for the title of his column.

It really does bring back tremendous memories of a 26 hour drinking session on Paddy’s Day/March 18th 2013 when myself and six others smoked hash at 11 in the morning and myself and my friend Stevie proceeded to play this on repeat and screamed “shamone” for three hours straight.

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror


WTF happened here, Dexys Midnight Runners and fucking Stereophonics?


Something new, play this loud…



Pat Nevin is some wanker.

I see that Totally Football show fronted by James Richardson is coming to Dublin and the show includes a DJ set by Nevin.

FFS sake.


Christ lads, how young do they all look? Makes me feel very old*

  • I’m not that old.

The Cranberries : Dreams


@balbec will be seething that he dissed his beloved Depeche Mode.


Chelsea Rat.



The Feelies - Original Love


One of my favourite Irish songs.

The Sewing Room - Mobile


Saw this lad live last year - a banger.


This lassie was on Other Voices. Brilliant performer. Pop perfection

This was one of songs she did. A smashing tune


The OffSpring : Come out and Play


Belle & Sebastian : The Boy With The Arab Strap



Rory would be 70 today.


The War on Drugs - Up all Night


One of my all time favourites.

Sparklehorse - Saturday.

All the more poignant considering Mark ended things on a Saturday.


Ive listened to that twice - a bag of shite.