The Smashing Tunes Thread


Pity Cash didn’t cover this.


War on Drugs?

Did the missus get that album for you for Christmas?


Very predictable response — They’re better than that scutter you threw up anyway.


Nah - I don’t think so.


What did I just tell you?!


I didn’t start the rough stuff.


If some lovesick illiterate dreary overly sentimental teenage girl came up with a lyric as mawkishly dripping with cliché as “I’d walk to he’ll and back just to see you’d smile”, I’d walk on in embarrassment.
You’ve previously shown yourself to be capable of occasional intelligent insight. However you’ve let yourself down here and I think you should reevaluate your taste in music.


You’ll get a few likes for that.


A different way of saying “I’d ate through a mile of her shite, just to get to her hole”


Emily Dickinson?


Depeche Mode - In Your Room


Two by Rose Royce here -

I’m wishing on a star -

Love dont live here anymore -

cc @farmerinthecity




violent femmes- good feeling


Talking Heads - Thank You for Sending Me an Angel


Grant Lee Buffalo - Mockingbirds

Grant Lee Buffalo - Honey Don’t Think


Epic, original, beautiful, romantic and absurd. If you’re not in love with yoahima you’re almost certainly gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you.


Wouldn’t be the Gloamings biggest fan but this is something else.