The Smashing Tunes Thread


T. Rex - Cosmic Dancer


Late to the party but this is an absolute pop banger

Great production and performance. She’s gonna be a superstar. Might never top this one though







A tfk thread of free expression. Nobody ripping the piss out of each other’s opinion, a truly unique thread on this forum


There is a jazz thread but it is criminally neglected


Some play the white notes, some play the black notes. Dizzy and the man play the in-between notes.


Farmer and turenne do that

Resident music snobs




Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come


Dave Allen theme music

Composed by Alan Hawkshaw, father of Kirsty Hawkshaw of Opus III “It’s A Fine Day” and Orbital “Halcyon” fame.


The Walkmen - The Rat


An incredible talent, an awful waste in the end.


Oh yes, sensational song.


Does that make you the resident S&C snob?


Bedhead - More Than Ever


S&C is research based.
I have worked in it or coaching for 23 years

Music is about taste.
Farmer is an accountant and Turrene a forklift driver.

Do the math


So on a matter of taste, they’re not allowed to have their taste? I don’t think you’re quite understanding the subjective nature of art. Or maybe they have way betterbtaste than you and you know it.