The Smashing Tunes Thread


The best thing to come out of Dublin since Con O’Callaghan


Aye, sad alright. I had a few pints with him once, in the Roisin Dubh in Galway. He’d played there the night before and was hanging around with nothing better to do. Still got his autograph :


Are you completely retarded? I am promoting the subjective taste.
They are more than entitled to their taste.

But farmer formerly mostly and Turrene all the time turn their nose up at other people’s music.

And then you go on to say maybe their taste is better???
How can taste be better???
It’s by definition subjective


It can be more intelligent, more cultured, better informed, impeccable etc. I should know.



Smashing tune


Ah thats brilliant, he was a wonderful artist.


For all your expertise on everything, you’re a bit dim aren’t you?


Music is beyond any rational criticism despite what NME or Hot Press or music journalists want you to think. It’s like somebody’s favorite colour and somebody else going “that’s a shite colour”

Of course nobody who is not 6 has a favourite colour.

Music is connected to feeling and experience which is probably why most people carry a certain love throughout their lives for music from their teenage years.


Pared back acoustic version here from 1.30. Brilliant song. She has a few crackers.

Saw a few live insta stories from her recent gig in the academy. She is a brilliant performer. It looked like a great gig


No answer as I thought.


There’s some merit in your comment, but some people have shit taste in music.


Everyone to their own mate. Willie Nelson wouldn’t do it for me one bit but judge not.


I could take the easy road and agree. But…


Pretend ska mate


I couldn’t care less


Many times you have given out about songs I have posted,

Luckily it doesn’t bother me as you don’t have a clue but don’t come along all high and mighty here.


I know that from the Willie Nelson but all to their own mate


Is he a fake ska aswell?


I do not have a clue???

The prosecution rests.