The Smashing Tunes Thread


I grew up with Willies music, my ma is a big fan, it’s tough not to tell you you’re wrong :zipper_mouth_face:
Willie- angel flying too close to the ground




I was never into much country tbh, everyone to their own, etc… Love this guy though.





Are you simple or just trying to avoid the key point of my last post?

I never ‘defended’ myself to suggest I don’t comment on other’s tastes. You however are the one giving out about anyone slagging anyone else’s tastes and you do it many times to me anyway, and probably others as well.


You’ll work it out


See a little light - Bob Mould


Paddy Casey - Whatever Gets You True


My mam died unexpectedly recently. Look after your mams



Thanks for the like Fenwaypark, empathy is a good trait :+1:


Each to their own kev.


We accept the fact that you like Snowpatrol.


Traditional British Music hall. Great band.


Great stuff


I’m sorry to hear that Rain, I’m sure she is a great loss.
I could at this point ask you to observe form in this thread and write the artist and song above the link so we dont end up seeing more of Ed Sheeran than is necessary ie. none, but that would probably be inappropriate.


Shocking non-observance of the rules pertaining to seatbelts in that video.


Consult your resentment. It is revelatory.

Jordan Peterson


Dylan & Cash - Girl from the North Country