The Smashing Tunes Thread


Apologies, I was feeling emotional and disregarded the forum policy. I understand that that’s unacceptable on tfk. I will bear it in mind.


Willie Nelson and Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels


We’re coming for you again, Roma

The soundtrack of great Liverpool victories

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome


The BBC Wimbledon Theme Tune


One of the songs of the noughties.

The Strokes - The Modern Age


And one of the best from the 60s.


Excellent new Irish track played by Ireland’s best DJ on Today FM just now. First time I’ve listened to Kelly-Anne for a good while tonight, I really must do so more, the music she plays is sublime.

Cinema - Caught Up



She’s very good - DJed at the next night after my mates wedding last year. Was absolutely kicking.

That tune wouldn’t be out of place on an early Le Galaxie EP or the Drive soundtrack.


Yes, the track she played directly after it was by Le Galaxie.


You misspelt ‘slime’


What’s your opinion of Kelly Anne-Byrne, mate?

You replied to the wrong post, by the way. :grin:


But I replied to the right dose


You’re talking to your meds?

The dose clearly isn’t right in that case.




You seem to have experience, interesting.


RIP Tom McBride


Alana Henderson


Credence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?


That young Emancipator fella again.

Minor Cause

Natural Cause