The Smashing Tunes Thread



Air - Sexy Boy


I’m drinking a can of Harp and listening to this right now.

Actually as I write I’m now I’m listening to this. Scary monster of all tunes.


What a fucking song!!


Grant Lee Phillips - Runaway


i just listened to the lyrics of this for the first time ever and it kicked me right in guts


Some psychedelic Appalachia from Daniel Bachman.


Oooooft. Now that’s a playlist.

Kelly-Anne Byrne

28 mins ·

Here’s the playlist for last night’s show including my tribute to Tony Wilson (Factory Records), thanks for tuning in :slight_smile:


  1. Transmission-Joy Division
  2. Anarchy In The UK-The Sex Pistols
  3. Electricity-OMD
  4. Ceremony-New Order
  5. Love Tempo-Quando Quango
  6. Do The Du-A Certain Ratio
  7. Kinky Afro-The Happy Mondays
  8. She’s Lost Control-Joy Division
  9. Moody-ESG
  10. Walking On Sunshine-Rocker’s Revenge
  11. Voodoo Ray-A Guy Called Gerald
  12. Blue Monday-New Order
  13. Shack Up-A Certain Ratio
  14. Getting Away With It-Electronic
  15. Hallelujah-The Happy Mondays (Club Mix)
  16. Otis-The Durutti Column
  17. Ode To Anthony H Wilson-Mike Garry & Joe Duddell (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

18. Don’t You Worry Baby, The Best Is Yet To Come-Greg Wilson feat. The Reynolds
19. I Believe-Kormac (Get Down Edit Mix)
20. Shame-Young Fathers
21. Boys In The Better Land-The Fontaines
22. More Than This-Roxy Music
23. Party Boy-Marlon Williams
24. Wicked Game-Chris Isaac (Trentemoller Mix)
25. Crave You-Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities (Aeroplane Mix)
26. Pop Life-Prince (Dance Mix)
27. All Will Be-Ships
28. Sister-Tracey Thorne feat. Corinne Bailey Rae
29. Where Did I Go-Jorja Smith
30. Oh My-Natalie Prass
31. Chwyldro-Gwenno
32. Babooshka-Kate Bush
33. Stay-The Blue Nile
34. Aspects-Paul Weller
35. Navigate-The Hedge Schools
36. Still Crazy After All These Years-Paul Simon
37. Call Me-Aretha Franklin






Ferociously bland band

They even know it themselves. Went away from making slightly more interesting music to consciously deciding to do something that would appeal to the masses. A lot of mutual friends with them.

In fairness, it’s worked out well for them, as they’re very talented musicians, but it seems like something that Bloc Party and the like were done 10-15 years ago, with a few new bells and whistles.


Up there with Speed to My Side as the greatest middle 8 in rock.


Go away and boil your head.


I can’t find a saucepan big enough.


I know nothing about them,just that’s a catchy tune is all.


Super Furry Animals - Hometown Unicorn


Keane ffs
Have you no shame?


It’s a very good song. Don’t care who it is.


A blast from the past.