The Smashing Tunes Thread




A very under rated song IMO.

REM Drive… love the intro.


The first couple of verses are deadly but I don’t like the overdubbed electric guitar bit which renders the remainder of the song pretty redundant.


Where would you start with this shit in fairness.


This is the guy whose first post on here was Steve Reich so you can fuck off with your faux outrage at pretentiousness.

By the way - did you learn how to play Aphex Twin at the correct speed yet?


I listened to the album almost straight through last week, I thought Drive was a low point at the time (in the 90s) but it’s aged well,
That’s an extraordinary album which has suffered critically by its crazy success and everybody hurts,


Everybody Hurts is easily the first truly awful R.E.M. song for me. I would have Shiny Happy People miles ahead of it.

It’s a very distinctive album - sounds different to their others and has a distinct mortality type feel to it. It’s not my favourite R.E.M. album but it’s close.

Try not to Breathe, Sweetness Follows and Find the River are the highlights for me.


What about Stand?


It’s pretty bad alright.


There’s a certain pop/rock college sound in America that I can’t stand. REM have a bit of that in the odd track.


I don’t mind college rock if it’s done well bro.


A lot of it isn’t, that’s my point. It’s bland cheese…pure white privilege… Of course, not all of it.


Great phrase.




That’s a decent tune


They’re shite.



A load of wank.



Heard this for the first time the other night while aping around on YouTube. Unbelievable mix of music and sound. This is coming to Dublin soon. Mrs Batt might be predisposed to an early Christmas present.