The Smashing Tunes Thread


The Vaselines - Son of a Gun.


You had a girlfriend
That wasn’t good enough for you
She was younger
But that was old enough you knew
To get undressed for you
Stressed for you
Distorting everything
Became depressed for you



Remember December 59?


Belligerent ghouls
Run Manchester schools
Spineless swines
Cemented minds
Sir leads the troops
Jealous of youth
Same old suit since nineteen sixty two
He does the military two-step down
The nape of my neck


Everyday is Like Sunday - Morrissey

Hide on the promenade, etch a postcard
‘How I dearly wish I was not here!!’


Always thought it was ‘belligerent youths’

4th best song off the album

  1. That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore
  2. Barbarism Begins at Home

I would say its the third best.


Rusholme ruffians
I want the one I can’t have
Headmaster ritual


No Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore?

That would be in my top 5 Smiths songs.


This is just fucking pure unreal.

Marvin Gaye … I want you


Metallica - The Unforgiven


What an album!

Wire - Mannequin


Patsy Cline - Crazy



Minutemen - Cohesion


The 13th Floor Elevators - You’re Gonna Miss Me


Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale - Pipeline


Classic. I love Roky Erikson


13th Floor Elevators - I had to tell you