The Smashing Tunes Thread




Julian Cope - Double Vegetation






Guitar heroes



Ennio Morricone - Sacco and Vanzetti


The Pogues - Lullaby of London

I miss their Christmas gigs.




No. 3 on my Spotify this year. Can’t believe it’s not no.1, it’s been stuck in my head all year. Actually released in 2016.


My number 1 on Spotify this year. I’m very surprised, but it’s a good song.


Saw him in the Olympia a few weeks ago, that was the encore.


Saw American Football, my post above that, play the Button Factory in 2017 I think. On of the most impressive gigs I’ve ever seen. I was surprised in that I was the only person there in my 30s, everyone else was really young, like going to their first gig almost. That was encouraging.

What other good songs does Leon Bridges have?


He’s a bit of a throwback, they’re all like 3 minute Stax tunes. Beyond and The Bet ain’t Worth the Hand would be preferred listening for me.


Nice tune,hadn’t ever paid them attention, but I’d see the attraction of kids


You’re a paedophile? Stay away from American Football gigs mate.


That’s uncalled for mate.