The Smashing Tunes Thread


I’ve been listening to The Gloaming a lot recently, they really are wonderful. Iarla O’Lionard’s phrasing is like a new instrument in itself. None more so than on this.
Samhradh, Samradh by The Gloaming


The Knife - Like a Pen


No need for that pal.


‘Cause I’m buuurrrrnin’ - inside



Lenny Cohen - Suzanne




Don’t take this personally, mate… But you’ve the worst taste in music I’ve ever witnessed. It’s shocking. Happy Christmas.


Thanks for the introduction. I haven’t heard this guy before. Very impressive.


Brilliant band.


God I love this song
Prefrab Sprout - Cars and Girls


It’s why you should write that book, paint that picture, take that photo, make that movie, write that song.

For everybody who hates it somebody will love it.


Morrissey - The National Front Disco


The live version on Beethoven was deaf is my favourite thing from his solo career


That would be Speedway of Everyday is like Sunday for me.


Vauxhall and I is the best album, great stuff on bona drag as well


National Front Disco caused a stir when it came out. And going by a lot of his recent comments supporting UKIP etc it is even more worrying.

That said don’t think he has it in him in terms of ignorance to be racist.


Shamrock Shore the Horslips


Nearly better than the studio version … unreal

Portis Head - Glory Box