The Snooker Thread


Watching a bit of the Masters there last night, Ding vs Higgins. Very entertaining yet scrappy final frame as Ding won 6-4. Found it interesting that Davis said that Ding is showing more maturity and experience these days. Maybe that frame was a bad point of reference but I still think he looks fragile when under pressure and his shot selection is still a bit odd at times. Not a hope of him winning the World Championship this year.


The Lee vs Dott match was exciting but the standard was awful. Lee came back from 5-2 down to win 6-5. He was actually 61-0 down in the decider so did very well to win it.

Crafty Ken in action tonight against Shaun Murphy

Maguire and Selby level at 1-1 at the moment


He was shown up really badly by O'Sullivan in thr final of this tournament last year (I think). He was giving out about the crowd and was nearly in tears. O'Sullivan beat him well in the World Championship this year as well.

I don't think thee is anny doubt that Ding will win the World Championship at some stage. He has so much talent and ability. But it coulkd be a while yet.

What do you think of Williams talking of quitting if he drops out of the top 32 and has to qualify for the World Championships? What a tosser! He is having a hard time at the moment but keep your fucking head down and work through it. That is what makes a man.

I never liked the fook anyway


Good. I hate Dott.


I'm not really a fan of Williams either but then again not everyone can be a top man like you Farmer.


A top bloke actually Bandage


Yeah O'Sullivan whooped him but at the same time the crowd were on his back and it wasn't really fair. He may even have gotten some racial abuse, I can't really remember. It was incredible telly though. Oh and he was in tears.

World Championship hasn't been on yet this year Farmer.


If Farmer says O'Sullivan beat Ding in the World Championship this year then it must have already happened. I know the event usually takes place in April but it'd be unlike Farmer to be talking a load of bollox in fairness. Sure, didn't he exclusively reveal that Liverpool were paying Gary McAllister Stg80,000 per week and I can't recall him being wrong since.


I had to switch over when Lee v Dott came on. I hate Lee and Dott is boring.


Great win for Ken tonight. Saw both sides of him this evening. Played some awful stuff which resulted in him going 4-1 behind. Murphy did not have to play well at all to get that lead. Ken was like a different player in the latter half of the match, making 3 centuries in 4 frames to win it 6-5.

Nice touch at the end when Ken had completed his century in the decider, a shout of "you'll never beat the Irish" came from the crowd which Ken acknowledged.

He now plays Mark Selby in the semi finals on Saturday


That was a cracking comeback indeed. Exceptional play from 4-1 down.


Was watching that in an ale house. Superb play by Doherty. Like 2003 all over again. When he plays like that he can be awesome. Murphy is a good player as well and its no mean feat beating him.

Was he on for a 147 at one stage and went up for the blue to make sure of the frame? There were two guys beside me in the pub commneting on how he should try to get back on the black. If he hits it with a lot of side blah blah blah....

Fook right off


yeah he was on 64 Farmer and then did the sensible thing of going for the blue after potting the red instead of trying the more risky shot of getting on the black.

he rolled back the years towards the end of last night's match - fair play to him


Stephen Lee has just beaten Peter Ebdon 6-1.....didn't see that coming I have to say


Hate that fat fook. Apparently Ebdon was atrocious.


Selby beat O'Sullivan 9-8 last nioght in the Welsh Open despite being 8-5 down. Watched some of it and it was high quality. This guy is on fire at the moment and will be hard beaten in The World Championship.


Would you believe Farmer that I decided to back Selby for the Worlds after he won the Masters last month but then forgot to do so?


I'm not a gambler at all but I would say put your money on him even now. Can't see anyone beating him.

Great to see another batch of young players coming through. Murphy is on top of his game as well at the moment but is no match for Selby.


Watched the evening session of this. Good quality alright and Selby is playing very well. Still, I would not be backing him for the World will be very difficult to maintain this form until the Crucible. Ronnie still the man to beat in Sheffield for me


Watched the best snooker game I have seen in years earlier on - Mark Williams against Mark Selby.

Williams led 7-3 and Selby won four frames in a row to level at 7-7 including three centuries in a row. Williams then upped it again to take the last two frames.

Doherty was hammered 9-4 by that cunt Graeme Dott. Matthew Stevens beat Ryan Day as well which was a bit of a surprise. A great player in his day though was Stevens.