The Snooker Thread


Ah lovely


Red rover,Higgins has been beyond woeful today.


Our Bhoy 12-16 Selby

Hon John


John has no answer to this onslaught.

Selby is a big game player. He’s going to be one of the all-time greats.


John Parrott in 1989 the last player to get routed like this on the May Bank Holiday Monday.


There has been a great line in Coventry City retro Jersies in the crowd . A Donegal one too.


Come on ta fuck Johnny Bhoy.


Our Bhoy 13-16 Selby

Hon John


Tremendous fighting spirit from the great John Higgins.

I particularly liked the way he didn’t bother with the final black so as to leave the break on 88, the year Celtic was founded.


This is great stuff from the Bhoy.

He’s come roaring back into this final.



Selby beginning to twitch in his seat.

The Bhoy is starting to motor.


What a time for Higgins to knock in a century.


Our Bhoy 14-16 Selby

Hon John


this is proper fucking snooker


Cmon John to fuck man.


We’re getting a final worthy of the famous old venue.


Fuck Fuck Fuck…


Hon Selby


Fuck off Selby you rat bastard.


Johns hair is the same as mine.