The Snooker Thread


Selby feeling the Higgins heat.

He’s snookered himself.


the tension is unbearable, this is proper championship snooker




Strong indecisive refereeing from Jan Verhaas.

Selby snookers himself again.


:astonished: :astonished:


Outrageous plant from Selby, world championship winning stuff.


Typically great sportsmanship by John to allow the replay there even though he wasn’t under any obligation to do so.


What a farce.


I’m torn as to who I want to win. I’m fighting my self to whether I can forgive John for being a cheat or not.


A credit to his sport.

Poor form from Mark Selby to question Jan’s decision however.


this is yet another crucible classic, I have a feeling we could be sitting here at 12 o clock


Selby is a piece of vile shit cmon John!


Ken Doherty is some fucking waster


OMG. We’re on the verge of 15-16.


Shocking etiquette by Selby there. Higgins having to usher him back to his seat.




Our Bhoy 15-16 Selby

Hon John


I presume Selby will be banned for his antics in that frame.




What a fucking clearance. Some bottle shown by Higgins there, this is sporting theatre.