The Snooker Thread


I love the game of Snooker.This has been unreal.




This has had it all.


Great final


If Higgins snatches victory here Ukraine will join Canada, Ireland and Australia as overseas winners. Hon John.


Our Bhoy 15-17 Selby

Hon John


As we say in snooker, it’s never over until the final ball is potted.

Of course this is not actually correct in practice as a player could be well over 100 points ahead in the final frame by the time that happens, if they have compiled a large break in that frame.


Excellent observation.


Strong refereeing again from the big Dutchman.


Jan the man.


1:40 for Selby to hit a shot there.


Should have gone for the red to the middle


That was a good shot, that was an excellent shot, that was a brilliant shot


Higgens with a chance here




Red rover


Goodnight sweet Prince.


Wanting a match fixer to win is strange behaviour


It’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Still proud of our Bhoy.


Tyrone became the third county represented at the final to support John. The chap beside the chap in the Coventry City jersey was wearing a black O’Neill’s/McAleer and Rushe waterproof jacket with the Red Hand on his breast.