The Snooker Thread


The pretend Celtic fans here were cheering for another pretend Celtic fan to win. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the geography of Lanarkshire would indeed know the Mr Higgins is a native of Wishaw which is adjacent to Motherwell . There are two more league clubs namely Airdrie and Coatbridge’s Albion Rovers passed before one reaches Parkhead . Mr Higgins shamefully neglects his local clubs in support of a corporate behemoth which has a billionaire Irish capitalist as its largest shareholder .


That’s a serious clamping for the Pretend IRA


I think any person with a passing interest in snooker is aware of John’s old Wizard of Wishaw moniker.


I believe Mr Higgins supported Celtic before they were a corporate behemoth with a billionaire Irish capitalist as it’s largest shareholder.


True maybe but the geographical facts which are the kernel of my point remain.


Cheers for telling us where the wizard of wishaw is from


No problem boy .


Think it’s Wishaw.


Selby might be world snooker champion but at the end of the day our bhoy is riding Denise tonight and he’s riding Vicky. Huzzah


Great to see the match fixer and celtic fan dispatched, hon Selby, a proper tournament snooker player


that was a top top final. Selby could go on and break Hendry’s record.


he’s the complete tournament snooker player


It’d be a shame if he did. Hendry was a far superior player.


as opposed to non tournament snooker player?





Ken Doherty was trying to recreate Shaun Murphy’s shot of the championship yesterday afternoon. Higgins was on the practice table beside him. He said to Doherty that he would give odds of 10-1 that he would recreate it fully.

Higgins constantly has betting on his mind. That’s why he doesn’t have any problem throwing frames.


I remember when a skinny Higgins first came on the snooker scene Denise was a little slip of a thing with dyed-blonde hair. She’s actually lost a bit of weight since his last final appearance but John himself has piled it on.

@GeoffreyBoycott, who’s the oldest world champion of the Crucible era? Is 40 an unofficial cut-off in the modern game? Will O’Sullivan struggle to win it again?


hubba hubba


I’d die above on her, a proper woman.