The Snooker Thread


Ronnie O’Sullivan doesn’t have the mental toughness to survive 17 days at the Crucible anymore, especially when you have a top class tournament snooker player like Mark Selby, I think Mark can dominate the game now


Higgins is a thundering disgrace of a player, you just have to look at his physical conditioning


Ray Reardon was 45 in 1978. No man over 40 has won it since then. Think Denis Taylor in 1985 was the oldest since. Ronnie in 2012 might have been older than Taylor by a few months but couldn’t be sure on that. Actually I’ll have a third go at it, Stuart Bingham in 2015 probably oldest winner since Reardon.


Could be wrong on this, is Mrs Selby not a Fenian Princess from Co. Carlow?


I heard she played international 8 ball pool for the Irish ladies team. A bloke in the pub told me that, so it has to be true.


Yes she is a Carlow lass alright


the pretend ira bigots won’t like that


What a tremendous all round entertainer The Jester is!


How old was Bingham?





Ken Doherty is locked in a 3-3 tie with Stephen Maguire in the semi final of the Riga Open.

Ken is 2 frames away from his first ranking final in 11 years.




Heartbreak for Ken as he loses 5-4.

He was behind in the last frame but had a superb break to drag himself back into contention. He then missed a red and left it on when he should have played safe.

A real shame but this will be a big morale boost for Ken with the season just starting. Would love to see him grace The Crucible one last time.


Ryan Day beat Maguire in the final



What a legend.


If he could have transferred pints in to points he’d have been unbeatable.



A great night for Limerick last night as Leo Fernandez came from 5-1 down to beat Junhui Ding 6-5 in the first round of the UK Championship


:clap: sporting Limerick