The Snooker Thread


The snooker bandwagon is up and running. See ye at the Vic.


Ronnie v Shaun Murphy final in the UK Championship today.


4-4 at the end of a good tough first session.


Very edgy opening session, proper snooker.


This is proper snooker


5-5, opening two frames of the evening shared. Early in frame 11, but Ronnie looks well set with balls at his mercy.


sean murphy is a heroine addict.


Extraordinary miss from Shaun Murphy at the start of frame 13 on a straightforward red to the corner. Fancy Ronnie to make it 8-5 from here.


103 break from Ronnie to wrap up frame 13.


Murphy with 7 reds and 6 blacks and the 147 was on. Missed 7th black with the rest and O’Sullivan came in and cleared the table. 9-5, one more required.


Unrale stuff from Ronnie


Incredible evening session from Ronnie to win 10-5. 18th win in a Big 3 event matching the haul of Stephen Hendry. 6th UK Championship matching the haul of Steve Davis. Still no Nomination for Sports Personality of the Year though.


Ronnie = GOAT


Poor @Bandage didn’t stand a chance there against an opponent in vintage form but he was very gracious in defeat.


Seema Jaswal is a beautiful lady.


Hendry is and always will be the GOAT.


Ronnie is the greatest snooker player of all time


He couldn’t chalk Ronnie’s cue. Hendry himself would be the first to admit that.


The Meghan Markle lookalike with the clown prince of snooker.


Ronnie is more talented but no one got the better of Hendry in his prime. Hendry wouldn’t have allowed the likes of Selby to dog him out of it. The only one of note Ronnie beat in a world final was John Higgins, beating chumps like Ali Carter and Barry Hawkins while folding to Selby is not the GOAT. He’s still 2 behind Hendry in World Championships anyway.