The Snooker Thread


O’Sullivan is one of the biggest underachievers in sport.

A man of his talent should be miles ahead in terms of number of World Championships.


It is well documented on how Ronnie suffers from depression. One could argue that he has actually overachieved given this. Ronnie is the GOAT.



Hendry just allowed Ken Doherty and Peter Ebdon to dog it out of him in world finals.


Selby gets the better of Ronnie in the big games, no one dominated Hendry.


@mikehunt will be needing e snookers after that clamping, :clap:


O’Sullivan, by his own admission, will say that away from the snooker table he is absolutely fine. It is snooker which seems to mess him up.

I was probably a bit harsh with my initial comment but Hendry has more World titles than him which is the barometer of greatness for me.


On his way to losing to Ebdon in the final, Hendry beat Shaun Murphy, Ken Doherty and Ronnie (who was ranked number 1 at the time). Ronnie when losing to Selby in 2014 played Robin Hull, Joe Perry, Shaun Murphy and Barry Hawkins. Ronnie should have been fresh for that final after a handy semi final win compared to Selby who had a tough semi against Neil Robertson. In isloation it looks like Ebdon dogged Hendry but the reality is Hendry had a tough run to the final and didn’t fold ala Ronnie against Selby.


John Higgins has just dismissed Ronnie O’Sullivan 5-0 in the Scottish Open quarterfinal.


Ronnie is the biggest enigma in Sport.


Ronnie was at Celtic Park today before the Wizard of Wishaw dismantled him. Three centuries for John Bhoy.


The best Ronnie managed in a row today was 10.


Great final. Robertson was 8-4 down. Chinese lad bottling it to bring it to final frame decider.


Ronnie leads Fu 4-0 at the interval in their first round Masters tie. Fu hasn’t potted a ball yet as the Rocket is in full flow.


The 21st of April cannot come soon enough i’m buzzing already for it!


SUrprised to see that Neil Robertson is out of the Top 16 and not in the Masters.


Selby and Ding are out already.


Selby not going to well at the moment. Exited the UK Championship at an early stage as well.


I was told Michaela Tabb was caught shagging a leading snooker player in his dressing room and this led to her leaving the circuit.

Will we have a game of guess the player ?


Lucky bastard whoever he was.