The Snooker Thread


Heard Liang wenbo played a safety shot and pulled out at the last second.


She’s nothing but a filthy cuntwhore. She gets herself in the door and the next thing she suing her employers. Nothing but a horrible lowlife Scottish cunt.


He had the perfect cue alignment for the pink after popping the bluey.



I would rate Robertson the most naturally gifted after Ronnie. He’s had some personal issues but did look to be getting back to form in Scottish Open. Just reading there UK Championship was cut off for Masters. Robertson was ranked 20 after that. Won in Glasgow a week later to move up to 15.


The Rocket rattles in a quick 75 to take the opening frame in his 1/4 final battle with Mark Allen.


Allen is here to play and now leads 2-1.


Allen finally misses a long pot to leave Ronnie in but the Rocket misses an easy one too.
Allen leads 3-1


4-1 Allen now and he should win this frame. The Rocket has only scored 16 points since the opening frame. :open_mouth:


5-1, Allen needs one more.


Ronnie is gone, 6-1. He was awful.


He’s a Junkie and a fraud.


Ronnie threatening to pull out of major tournament after losing. Not the GOAT.


Quelle surprise.


I recall him bitching in a wistful moany disinterested manner in some interview he done a couple of years ago complaining that snooker players didn’t get great prize money for whining tournaments in comparison to what soccer players get. It was if he was embarrassed that soccer players were paid more than him and that that made him feel inadequate. He came over in the interview that he was ashamed that he didn’t earn more money and he felt soccer players were superior to him because they earned more than him. A thoroughly stupid bastard. A pure moaning greedy cunt.


Kyren Wilson leads Mark Williams 3-0 in their 1/4 final.


Stephen Hendry is GOAT.


5-0 Wilson, Williams not at the races tonight.


I find it strange it’s even under discussion.


Judd Trump leads Kyren Wilson 5-2 in the first semi final, he needs one more frame to make the final.

It all leads up to tonight’s other semi, the clash of civilisations, John Higgins v Mark Allen.