The Snooker Thread


What a chance now…


Oh John…

Misses a red he should have potted.

But he’s back to 14-10.

This final is very much on again.


Big shot, big miss for john


Just home to catch the last frame. Big one for Mark to win. Real character. 5 frames a more than handy lead going into the final session.


Hard to see Williams fucking this away now.

What way were the boys priced Pre Tournament?


Mark Williams takes the final frame of the session to go in 15-10 up.

He’ll be hugely relieved to have taken that frame.

Had John taken all four frames after the interval, Williams would have been reeling.

Not over yet, but that last frame makes a huge difference.


Naturally I’m not looking at this but it has always been terribly boring shite. The Billiards Council or whoever regulates the process might think of staging a referee heart-attack or a fucking row in the gallery top boost ratings. They’re terribly in-imaginative really.


Each player should be allowed break their cue over their opponent’s head once a match. It’s unlikely it would be done until towards the end of the match which would add to the drama especially at the business end of the competition.


Good start for John in this final session as he reduces the deficit to 15-11.

Very nervy opening attempt at a long pot from Mark - he was nowhere near it.


131 break there for the Wizard. A big statement.

And a very poor break off from Mark at the start of frame 27 as he hits the blue on the way back.

Is the Bhoy beginning to smell blood?


Chance for Welshman now though. Potential frame-winning opportunity.


Huge get of jail shot for Williams as he spots a plant to the middle and makes it after a poor positional shot on the pink.


Williams misses a red to the middle on 57.

This is a clean up chance for John to steal this frame.


Come on John roar the crowd. He is so popular


Unreal clearance there. Position for the yellow was some shot.


Cracking clearance by our bhoy.

Come on


Abhoy John. :clap:


Another epic clearance from John!

One of the shots of the championship to get from brown to yellow. Then yellow to green to brown.

Magnificent stuff.

Another pivotal frame in the psychological stakes. He is so good at pinching those frames.


Big chance for Williams here.


That was a great pink from Mark. Hopefully he can wrap it up in one visit this time.