The Snooker Thread


Williams breaks down on 47.

Balls not running as well for him now.

Balls are spread in such a way that whoever gets in will have a great chance to win the frame.


Mark runs into trouble a lot when he’s going into the pack to split the balls.


That could prove to be another key miss by Williams.


rarely do I see a decent split of the reds off a black ball pot where the cue ball comes off the cushion


Key shot there…

Could be a frame winner.


Williams lost a frame last night and Frame 23 this afternoon (for a 15-8 lead) when he failed to get onto anything going into the pack from blue when he had a lead of about 60 both times.


Another great shot.

Should do it now.




What a fucking pot :clap::clap:


Game on Ger


Higgins is reeling his man in.


This is the snooker of a true champion.


Two more frames before the interval?



Why does the ref call the colour being played sometimes?


Very poor safety from John.

Even poorer attempt from Mark.

Pressure mounting.


This is becoming eerily reminiscent of the 1992 final.


John accepts a gift & makes a huge pot. Got a bit of luck on the pink too.

15-14 into the break would be massive for Higgins.


The fat corrupt cunt can’t miss.


Show some respect