The Snooker Thread


Jaysus John.


Massive miss by Williams.


Commmmeeeee onnnnn


Higgins has no right to respect for how he shamed the sport in Kiev.


What are you on about. He was cleared of any wrongdoing


He was banned for 6 months. Is there a player of the 32 who lined up this year who have ever served a comparable ban from the sport?


He feared for his life. He thought he might never see Denise again.


You said a minute ago that he was cleared of any wrongdoing. Hard to square that with the 6 month ban that he was handed.


She’s looking splendid tonight.


So you think he should have risked his life ?


I’ve never seen her any other way to be honest


Guys, we’re watching something remarkable here.

Every year I say that there is something magical and timeless listening to Peter Alliss commentate on the final round of the Masters from Augusta, and every year I appreciate it because it could be the last time it happens.

Tonight, two of the great champions of the game, both in the autumn of their careers, are giving us an all-time classic at one of sports great venues. Witht the advances of time, it could be the last time either of them grace this stage, so let’s appreciate both being at their peak while we still can.

I realised too towards the end of that mini-session that Dennis Taylor has become one of the truly great commentators. Listening to Taylor on the final night at the Crucible is like listening to Alliss on Sunday night at Augusta.

What we’ve seen already in this final has been rich in drama, tension, excitement and narrative.

And what lies ahead is guaranteed to be so too. Whichever one of these great players wins, it’s going to be remembered as one of the great titles.

It is simply a privilege to be watching and appreciating this final.


He was suspended for bringing the sport into disrepute and for not reporting approaches that were made to him in relation to match fixing. Why didn’t he report it when he got back to the UK? Did he think the hit team that tried to take out Sergei and Yulia Skripa were going to travel up to Wishaw to do a job on himself and Denise?


You can never be too sure. I would have done exactly the same


Williams doing a Jimmy white here


At least Williams has won it twice.


Unless it’s obvious, you are supposed to tell the referee which colour you are playing. Were you to aim for the yellow, miss it completely, but fluke the black, that is still considered a foul.


I don’t agree with shot of the championship.

Williams should have won it


Agree. Just saw them there. 3rd was even a better shot.


Jimmy has just tipped Mark Williams to win it.