The Snooker Thread




Virgo and Hendry now :astonished:


Just turn on Eurosport.


Could be worse, I guess. It could be Willie Thorne.

Hopefully Dennis is just resting his throat and will return after two frames.


How long before Virgo roars



Williams feeling the pressure. Tense few frames on the way.


Eurosport do a good job and I like their studio analysis, but there’s something wonderful and something communal about watching the great sporting ocasions on the national broadcaster.




John :astonished:


Christ. Oh the pressure


Mark has to make this chance count. I suspect the winner of this frame will win the match.


Higgins arguably is playing better now that pressure was off and had nothing to lose. now that hes back in it pressure is reapplied and the interval would have exacerbated that feeling.


The break has done him the world of good.


Chaps, how did Williams break down there? I was distracted for a few minutes.

Yet another tremendous chance for John to steal a key frame.




Best of 5


That lump of shit is playing with a horse shoe up his ass.


Stephen Hendry is calling this really well.


Mark should have left himself a lot closer to that red. He’s had a few breaks 40’s, 50’s and low 60’s since mid session interval in the afternoon and so far has lost all those frames.


Big frame for Mark to win to stop the rot. He edges ahead 16-15.