The Snooker Thread




Is Higgins asthmatic?


what a fucking stupid shot on the pink by Williams… roll the fuvking thing in


What an opening red from Mark. Deserved better on the colour.


John deserves to bring this to a final frame


:astonished::astonished: wow


What a pot from Mark again. Its the easy pots that are the problem.


What a pot


looks like Williams is in a rush to a kebab shop before it closes. take your time…


The words of Sir Alex Ramsey to his crestfallen England players before extra time after the last gasp West Germany equaliser from Wolfgang Weber in 1966 spring to mind - ‘You’ve won it once, now go out and win it again’.


really low snooker IQ from Mark here. he looks calm but he’s anything but


Guys, it’s not over.


Hup there Williams


Drama on top of more drama


Congrats Mark Williams backers.

Thorough gentleman.


I’d say Higgins had 18-16


It’s over now.

Well done Mark.

One of the great world finals.

Two great champions and both proved their greatness beyond doubt.


Well done to both players on an epic final. They both showed real character in adversity at various stages today.


John Higgins. What a guy


Commentators eye.