The Snooker Thread


I’m sure this was a running joke on “They Think It’s All Over”, especially this picture.



Is Willie Thorne still commentating for the BBC? Didn’t think I heard him this year.


There was a good chat on the Monday night club last night between Andy, Wrighty and Charlie Adam. Andy used to spend a lot of time in snooker halls from the age of 15. He told a yarn about how he bought a snooker table for his house when he joined the Villa from Tony Meo’s old manager before he joined Barry Hearn. The geezer installed it and told Andy that he had a lovely table at home, the table that Cliff Thorburn won the World title on in 1980. A special authentication plaque on it and all. The geezer offered it to Andy who paid for it in cash. He hasn’t seen the table yet.



Aboy the kud


First round of the second biggest tournament in the calendar, The UK Championship completed in York. Round of 64 gets underway tomorrow. Three casualties from the Top 16 in the first round - Mark Selby, Shaun Murphy and Ryan Day.


Ronnie O’Sullivan faces Ken Doherty in a mouth-watering last 64 tie.


What channel is the snooker on?




Not on squarehead Eurosport surprisingly. I’ll have to fire up the iptv.


Today appears to be a rest day. It’s back on tomorrow.


Alan McManus has reeled off 3 frames in a row to dump out world number 4 John Higgins 6-5.



John Higgins got off lightly in comparison.


Ronnie leads Ken 3-1 at the interval.


That’s funny, it’s 4-2 to Ken now


Miracle comeback from Ken :flushed:


From 3–1?


Yes. Defying mathematics is our Ken.


Ronnie is 5-4 up now :rage: