The Snooker Thread


5-5 now, we are in a decider.


Ken royally fucked this one away.


Ronnie is through, 6-5, can this day get any worse? :cry:



Cracking match!


@GeoffreyBoycott who is this chap lui Ning? Have you seeing him play ?


Stephen Maguire comes from 4-0 down to beat the World Champion Mark Williams 6-5 in the Round of 16.

Ronnie O’Sullivan advances to the quarter finals with a 6-1 win over Jack Lisowski.


Maguire. Snooker’s answer to an enigma wrapped up in a mystery.


Yeah. I was watching it from the mid session interval on after I got home. Maguire played terrific stuff. Didn’t see the first four frames but they were saying he was completely out of sorts. He potted one of the best doubles I have ever seen to all but clinch the deciding frame.

Neil Robertson v Mark Allen should be a good tussle tonight.


With Selby gone and Ronnie dodging the early round bullet he should win this comfortably from here.


Ya until he decides he doesn’t like to colour of the wallpaper in the toilet and throw a strop.


Wallpaper in the toilets? Fucking animals.


Winner of this Allen v Robertson match could have a big say. Robertson takes the opening frame.


What’s the story with Selby?

When he’s out of form he’s a complete write off.


This is good tough matchplay snooker between Allen and Robertson. 3-3. Frame 7 in the balance with four reds remaining and a difficult table.


Robertson wins Frame 7 on the black. 3rd frame in a row he’s pinched. Gripping match.


What kind of salary are these Referees earning, Geoff?


That was a gutsy final 2 frames to clinch the win 6-5 from Allen.


Centuries in the last two frames for Mark Allen. He’s playing well.


Really poor Breakoff from Roberts did for him in the Final Frame.