The Snooker Thread


Joe perry leads Trump 5-4 and its 4-3 to o donnell in ding match.


joe perry wins and o donnell leads ding 5-3 and had a great chance to win but missed a straightforward black to leave ding back in.


Ding and Trump beaten. Two of the biggest chokers in sport.


Poor auld Ding is a shell of himself.


bingham going for a 147 here - good chance on 9th red


jaysus ran out of position on 14th red but still potted it --long odds on now to do it!!


aah missed the yellow!


4 nil bingham leads.

3 nil to allen.


4 nil to allen at mid session - should have been 3-1 but maguire missed a 1/1000 pink…


Allen leads Bingham 5-4 after winning 3 on the spin.

Bingham makes an early mistake after getting in first in Frame 10.


A decider it is.


Allen into the final v Ronnie.

Absolutely blessed in that final frame as Bingham had no luck with a couple of in offs.


At least Allen will give Ronnie a game, Bingham :sleeping:


Ronnie easing to the title 6-2 end session, Allen missed a simple red in the final frame.


His fucking chin cost him it. A lad who plays like that with a beard is asking for trouble


Assuming Ronnie sees this out, it’ll be his 19th triple crown win, moving him clear of Stephen Hendry on 18.


Decent from Allen here but it’s a long way back still. Will have to win 7 of the next 9


Two on the bounce for Mark Allen. Cuts the deficit to 4-7. He might not be out of this just yet.


Brilliant 57 clearance from Ronnie to pinch frame 13 on the black and a 9-4 lead. One away.


Allen just missed an easy red to leave Ronnie back in. Ronnie misses too!

Allen must see it out now to make it 9-6