The TFK Bargain Thread

I’ve a feeling that Aldi and Lidl get their steaks from the same supplier,
The bog standard ones can be poor, but the premium steaks are usually very good,
If you’re buying supermarket steaks always go for the ribeye over the strip loin


I concur in the main but I’m not a fan of ribeye, too much fat, gristle and “marbelling” for my taste. I had the Tipperary* 36 day aged striploin there yesterday and it was, as your correctly pointed out, top notch……

  • I know, I know……

FAO @glenshane …. I was merely passing on info. Your observation is, by now, timeworn and stale. You could do with upping your game if you wish to remain relevant. Don’t let the door smash your arse on the way out….

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Always buy a ribeye with the big eye of fat in the middle, the tastiest morsel you’ll ever eat. There shouldn’t be gristle on a rib eye, you’d be more likely to get that close to the fat on a strip loin. Ribeye is generally more tender meat


Tastiest steak without question

There’s a lovely bite to that post…which is ironic considering


400 notes for something you inflate?

That’s inflation for you.


A brute of a thing- prime candidate for the reverse sear gamechanger

You could have moved the sticker another bit to the left.

Bought a 2kg turkey crown for a €5 there. I’ll get a dinner a few lunches and a curry out of it

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That reminds me - I still one in the freezer from Christmas

Turkey Curry :nauseated_face: