The Thick of It

Best comedy in recent years bar none.

Episode 1 Part 1

Episode 1 Part 2

Episode 1 Part 3

Episode 2 Part 1

Episode 2 Part 2

Episode 2 Part 3

I’ll post the rest of it up tomorrow because I’m off to bed now. Cannot recommend this show highly enough though.

More of this. Have I mentioned how good this programme is?

Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 3 Part 2

Episode 3 Part 3

Episode 4 Part 1

Episode 4 Part 2

Episode 4 Part 3

Episode 5 Part 1

Episode 5 Part 2

Episode 5 Part 3

Episode 6 Part 1

Episode 6 Part 2

Episode 6 Part 3

Great programme all right rock. Any news of new episodes?

Not that I’ve heard Piper.

New episode in July piper - posted about it in the main board.

Anyway here’s the Christmas special.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

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One off special is on at nine tonight on Beeb Four.

thepiedpiper wrote:

One off special is on at nine tonight on Beeb Four.

Thanks for the reminder Piper - recommending this to everyone here.

The best hour of television in a long, long time.

Glen was superb throughout. Delighted Ollie got shafted. Brilliant manipulation by Malcolm. Ben is an absolute fool.

It was a good hours viewing but not the best episode imo. Delighted Ollie got fu-ked over also. The bit where Ben freaked at the cleaner was hilarious. A bit too much of people losing tempers with others I thought though. Didn’t seem as effective when it happens every 5 minutes. Did you see the Opposition 15 minutes afterwards Rock? Ollie going back for cheese was funny. What was the Opposition Spokesman doing on the radio?

I didn’t see the Opposition because I don’t have $ky.

Thought the first hour was as good as any other bits. Forgot about Ben freaking at the cleaner - he called her Mrs Mop!

Don’t think you needed $ky to watch it. I pressed the red button on ordinary beeb one. Malcolm trying to calm cleaner down after incident was hilarious. Your man listening to the test match was all night was well scripted. Will watch the repeat of the episode again.

Red button doesn’t work without $ky box. I have NTL Digital and it’s not interactive.