The things you buy in Aldi thread. (Think before you buy - reduce waste)


What is it you might ask.

This is what it is.

It’s a negative scanner.


Is that you as a gay when you were younger?


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Would appreciate a bit of feedback on what this is like @Fagan_ODowd. Cost? Is it fast? Etc etc.

34.99. Installed in seconds. Works like a dream. Slow enough process but the end product is very good.

Informative rating. Thanks pal.

I also bought

A set of headphones. 14.99

2 x USB plugs. 4.99 each

A power bank. 17.99

A fanny pack. 5.99

I went in for a couple of tubs of yogurt and a bag of mandarins.


i bought a lunchbox there last week in aldi, unreal capacity, the same one twice the price in Tesco


I’d say anything you buy in Lidl or Aldi that has a plug has wonderful potential to burn down your house with you in it. Staggering that people actually buy power tools off these green grocers.

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I bought a load of fruit and veg for about 4 euro in Aldi… The fridge is overstocked with it…farmers must be getting fucked right over or are they (Aldi) growing the stuff themselves?? 50c for spuds, 40c for courgettes etc. etc

i save around 30 pound a week shopping in aldi

It’s unreal.

It’s unbelievable.

the aldi finest range is unreal, i bought a fillet steak there last week and it was as good as any i ever had, 28 day aged



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Good post.

We’ve been so fucked over by the process and retail industry that you could drive a articulated lorry up our holes. A ton of spuds is around €150 euro. They put them in little bags and sell for ten times that.


Informative post.

Lol, keep up the good fight!