The thread bump thread

If there is a cure hiccup thread can some cunt please bump it

Teaspoon of sugar Lazarus

Is there a thread for good ads on tv?

Can someone bump the recession casualties thread

Here, does anyone remember that UK academic who appeared on TFK asking us to fill in a questionaire for his doctorate thesis? Has anyone had any feedback on this?

Just a quick note, will people please refrain from bumping threads MBB has asked to be bumped in here as he has made a pure bollix out of croppy_boy on the casualties of the recession thread. That is all.

Sidney posted the relevant information in the Harry Crosbie thread by the time one of you useless cunts had got around to bumping said thread you utter cunt of a man.

Not even a thank you for croppy_boy, my ruling stands. People are forbidden from bumping threads for you for a period of at least 1 month . I shall review the situation at that time.

You’re not the boss of me :frowning:

Can someone bump the spelling mistakes or misused words or other relevant thread please, a recurring infraction is lowering the tone of the whole forum.

Can someone bump the “Game of Thrones v Home & Away Thread”. Because Game of Thrones has just pissed all over Summer Bay

The King in the North me hole

Did we ever have a thread for logging things that went on in the Celtic Tiger? I saw something on my way to work this morning that triggered some memories of particularly cuntish behavior.

Happy slapping?

Can someone bump the U21 Hurling thread? The Biffos are sewing it to Kilkenny here.

Fagan ODowd[/USER] can you please bump the thread concerned with Irish history 1912-23. You know the one where [USER=1533]glasagusban shit himself?.. that one.

Any decent threads discussing holiday destinations?

Fyi briantinnion[/USER] this is why I bimped the thread. [USER=1052]Rudi is generally a loner and no mention of a stag here

You deserve a full and frank apology from the poster Briantinnion