The Waste of Money Thread

David Bentley

Blackburn Rovers to Tottenham Hotspur

£15m (plus up to an additional £2m based on appearances)

Van der Veart was the best value for money buy in a long time though

I reckon they’re saving the 2 million anyway.

Please keep this thread for wastes of money only.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Internazionale to Barcelona

€46 million
the exchange of Samuel Eto’o (valued at €20 million)
loan of Alyaksandr Hleb (no value attributed)

€66 million

Without getting into the whole Zlatan debate there’s a difference between a waste of money surely and a bad price. Zlatan was far from poor for Barca - he was fundamental in them winning La Liga last season.

Even someone like Podolski to Bayern I wouldn’t class as a complete waste of money. He never delivered for them but he was clearly a good player and it was a combination of circumstances that ruined his effectiveness. The likes of Bentley who has never performed anything like the price paid for him is in a different league.

Winston bogarde, close this thread

Ok - then value for money would probably be a more accurate description.

And Ibramhimovic wasn’t value for money.

Mario Gomez

VFB Stuggart to Bayern Munich

Between €30m to €35m, according to different sources.

The Irish Independent. Quality of a tabloid but priced as an upmarket broadsheet.
Tesco Finest Meals. Overpriced but if that is their finest range I’d hate to eat their Value range.
Sky Sports.


Nice variation there Larry.

Francis Jeffers - Everton to Arsenal in 2001 for £8million.
Seth Johnson - Derby to Leeds in 2000 for £7million.
Andriy Shevchenko - AC Milan to Chelsea in 2006 for £30.8 million.

cabarnet savignon- a horse that couldnt jump
ashley young-wrexham to villa for 5.8 milliom- wrexham laughing all the way to the bank
a rogbee ticket

He was about as fundamental to Barcelona winning the league as Fernando Torres was to Spain winning the World Cup and with Eto’o instead of him Barca would be going for three Champions League titles in a row now.

To go by your own criteria, Zlatan never performed anything like the price paid for him.

Kaka, over 60 million of bench warmer.

16 goals in 29 league games, including the winner against Real Madrid…You mightn’t rate him sid but he was a fundamental part of the team and far from a passenger in the way that Thierry Henry was last year

Good shout.

He has really gone off the boil.

Of course you have your Joelen Lescotts for 22 million.

Eric Djemba Djemba

The new Lansdowne Road stadium.

denis irwin- oldham to manchester- 3 million - in fairness to him he played a lot of average games for them but its only now people are begining to realise the negative affct his personality had on the team
ian rush- liverpoll to juve- an abysmal footballer found out in Italy
des walker-an abysmal footballer found out in Italy
michael owen - found out in spain

Marco Balotelli - Inter to moneybags Man City for £24million.

Wages for Marian Finucane.

Half the cunts in your local town/city council.

Geothermal Heat Pumps