The Woeful Sports Journalists Thread

After that appalling effort by the cunt Breheny today, I am moved to open this to the forum.

Other contenders:

Roy Curtis
David Kelly
Anyone who works for the Limerick Leader (with the honourable exception of Ivan Morris, the golf guy, who has such a chip on his shoulder that he’s entertainment itself)

John Horgan in the Evening Echo he never asks the hard questions that need to be asked of the Cork County Board.On the other hand i have great admiration for that fella on the back page of the sports section of the Limerick Leader who is always not afraid to criticise the Limerick County Board.Ewan McKenna is just a pitiful journalist pitiful not to mention that idiot Martin Breheny.

Rachel Wyse. Does she even qualify as a sports journalist?

No. Why did you even post that,pal?

You’re right. Sorry for wasting your time man.

Conor George
Tony Leen

Tom Mooney

Cathal Dervan

There’s a list as long as your arm. Along with the obvious idiots like Dervan and Curtis, you have
Eamonn Sweeney, Marie Crowe and Brian O’Connor to name but a few.

Maire Crowe is a fantastic journalist

She is in her shite. She’s a fucking master of the the “unnamed source”.

I think have a new fella started on a jobbridge. He had a reference, and he was getting it in there by whatever means necessary



Breheny is the stand out for me here.

Some fo the shit spouted on The42 is epic, particularly when it comes to American sports. Terrible writing and extrememly biased in most cases.

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Dervan is hard bet


At least he’s trying I suppose.

One of these days I’m going to sign up for the comments on the indo or journal or one of these other horrendous places and ask the journalist what it was like to grow up dreaming of being a journalist, someone that could move public opinion, or break a huge story of political intrigue or corruption. To go on and follow that dream and study journalism for 4+ years, learning about the nuances of investigative journalism, news reporting and opinion pieces. To have studied in detail some of the greatest journalists and journalism that Western media has created. Only to end up writing an article with more twitter quotes than words. It must be soul destroying.


I doubt the gimps filing “reports” on those click bait sites and tabloid newspaper sites have proper journalism qualifications. I might be wrong though.

I’d have the same general question for the lead guitarist in a wedding band. I cant imagine thats where he pictured himself as he sat alone in his room learning the chords to stairway.


At least they are still playing music though.

I would have thought that most Wedding band members would only be doing it as a money maker on the side along with having a normal steady job. A money making hobby as such