The Wraven Wrants Thread

flano - diagrees with you -he is a gobshite & he has nothing better to do & to have him agree with you he is scrapping the bottom of the barrell
farmer disagrees with you- he has a chip on his shoulder
I disagree with you - i’m a gobshite & a liar

odd debating style

This thread wasnt orignally called this :emm:

Lot of snobbery and denial by some people on here.

It looks like Rock has taken his “ball” and run home with it

afraid so - i wont be surprised if your post is edited

This thread was called CL Matchday 6. That’s not what it is. Any complaints from the non wind-up merchants?

Surely Champions league should be abbreviated to ECL because its the European Champions league. We need to distinguish it from other Champions leagues around the world :shock:

Also if your so keen on editing thread titles you should have edited the original Champions league Matchday 6 thread because it clearly should have been called:

Celtics Champions league Matchday 6 thread

game set & match

Ben Shermin’s Corner

I agree that EPL is a good abbriviation for the English Premier League. What’s your beef with it lads?