The Wuhan Clan - Tony Holohan's Having a House Party

Something some bit positive to throw out there mate. Nothing more than that, unfortunately.

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It’s either that or some aid package or both

I hope the aid package isnt debt based. For me that would be disgraceful.

Not to mention the English Minister for Health compared to Harris last night.

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I’ve created a new topic for debates on UK and US policies and associated predictions. This topic is a mess to read and wade through when it’s a mixture of news and opinion and recycled opinion.

Those debates have merit but better off on their own topic.


Fuck up or I’ll batter you

It’d have been a more efficient use of her and our time if she just told the uk public to just FOAD

I hope @flattythehurdler has the Currach ready.


I reckon we will see a more aggressive lockdown from tonight

Yes, we need more filth, our lads are far too nice.

And ye got a na piarsaigh man. Ye must be fair soft above

We’re actively testing as many people as we can apparently. Or that’s the intention anyway. Might mean we have more positives with mild symptoms, but also probably means our infection rate % will seem lower because we’re testing more than the UK for example (where it’s hospital only).


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Ye won’t get a chance this year. Yell have to be at least 2 meters away from the man with the ball

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D’ya Ken me?

Coefficient of variation; small increases in small numbers will always show high percentage increase. The real data is in the confirmed number , theres too many other variables in play to apply loose percentages to what is an exponential growth factor.

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Must be a lot harder for Italians and Spanish to contain as they would have a lot more living on top of each other in apartment blocks?..

deployed to do what?

Keep the footix from trashing the Ratoath Inn