Things I learned today




We’d have a right good frontrunner for IOTM if it was still in existence.


There used to be a 3rd/4th place play off in the FA Cup.


Willie Hegarty is only a young fella. He sounds like he could be in his 80s.

cc @Boxtyeater and @Massey


In his mid 40’s afaik. Outstanding observations always without a hint of bias:heart_eyes:

“And Longford Town have netted the penalty and qualified for the FAI Cup final…the crowd are going stone mad here in the Hyde…Oh! fuck it.”

A stone cold legend.


Wrong thread


Former England rubby player Martin Bayfield was Robbie Coltrane’s understudy in the Harry Potter films.


Leitrim “comedian” Katherine Lynch is a grandniece of Patrick Kavanagh.


I was amazed when I heard that . I 'd sooner plough the stony grey soil than sit through Ms Lynch’s comedy .


Yeah. I wish for her sake she was funnier because she seems like a decent sort.


Katherine is on Miriam O’Callaghan’s programme now.

She gets about.


Part of the current vogue of pushing Irish comediennes. Herself and the dreadful Alison Spittle are everywhere at the moment.


Maybe I look at/listen to different media to you, but I’ve never heard of Alison Spittle.


Ignorance is definitely bliss in this case


You’ve certainly heard her. She does a fair few voice overs for ads when a funny female voice is required.


I don’t listen to ads as I don’t listen to much live radio anymore. Although I actually am listening to ads on live radio right now. Caught with my hand in the cookie jar.


You can’t tag members of TFK who are banned…


What about ploughing ms lynch?

She looks hilarious.


You will be on a lone furrow there flatty .


I’d have to excavate tassoti first.