Things I learned today


Ah come on man she’s very distinctive


It’s possible to shit tar. Or certainly a tar like substance.


We’re you on the porter last night?


The porter?


Liam O’Brien is from Ringsend Road opposite the bus garage, a neighbour of @Bandage no less.


Yes, yes I was.


He means Guinness. Not the gay fella on the radio.


That’d do the job allright. I remember a couple of Saturday nights going on the porter and worse again following it up with a Kebab on the way home. I could have tared the m7 with what came out the following day


Cynthia Ní Mhurchú is now a barrister.


@Sidney , football journo Tim Vickery is France24’s Brazil correspondent.


thats a lovely phrase


Well.I made a fair effort at it on Saturday :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


So is half the country .


Seems a high number. Link?


ok cuntface you are milking it now


Back to normal swamp kid. Keep it coming


FOAD you pigfucking piece of shit


Everything ok pal ?


hey mate

Im on top of the world

big game tonight vs Londonderry


Londonderry ? What’s happening? Have you been kicked out of the pretend RA?