Things I learned today




Londonderry City FC aka the candystripes


Never heard of them, mate -


I think its already been established you are clueless in terms of the LOI so nothing surprising there


Maybe so but the league has no Londonderry playing in it -

Having to educate a LOI ‘diehard’ gives me no pleasure but here’s a look at tonight’s fixtures -


I can assure you there will be no home team called Londonderry playing in Buncrana this evening.


Okay guys, fans of some LOI clubs refer to Derry as Londonderry to wind them up. There’s really no need to waste time on one of my TFK pet hates - trying to disprove a wind up.

My other pet hate is people going on about and being fixated on the same thing all the time. As LarryO said to us before I scored all the points for Faythe Harriers in the county final, don’t dwell on what’s happened - create what’s going to happen next.

That’s why I fully back @The_Selfish_Giant in calling out @iron_mike earlier on.


Fuck off you gimpy bastard.


With his gammy teeth


Take that down immediately you bastard. You’ve crossed the line there.
@carryharry & @Horsebox will go mad.




The French president macron met his now wife when she was his teacher when he was 15, she was 39.


No shit


Hard to believe that wasn’t reported anywhere over the past number of weeks.


I nearly crashed the car when I read that.


I wouldn’t blame you, its a hell of a bombshell. I wonder how long it’ll take the international media to pick up on it?


They’ll have to run the election again when this gets out.



Glasagusban will have to sit down when he reads this


I only learned this today.