Things I learned today


Would you ever think of reading a newspaper or watching the news?


They must not have covered it on Expose.


Oooft :grin::grin::smile::smile:


Angel Gomes, the 16-year-old touted as the next big thing at Manchester United, is a cousin of former Manchester United player Nani.


Bit young to be a manager you’d think.




I would alright. I suppose I’d tend to focus more on real news, such as Macron’s policies etc, and hadn’t picked up on the racy teacher/student angle that the likes of the village idiot here would be drooling over and posting links from independent woman about.




He didn’t notice the president of France is a sick pervert. No surprises there


Would you ever fuck off with yourself. You couldn’t read an article about Macron in the last two months but that this was mentioned.


Not in the reports I was reading.


Who is this Macron chap?


How did Twitter react to this news Tasotti ?


Jersey manufacturer




Glen Campbell was in the Beach Boys


Scott Sinclair is engaged to Helen Flanagan who played Rosie Webster


He’s also the father of her child.


I’ve won $880,000 in the New York lottery apparently. Just a matter of sending off the bank details.
Do people actually still fall for this shit?


They send out literally millions of those emails everyday, they only need a tiny success rate to make a few bob.

It’s a victimless crime really. Some Russian or Nigerian lad makes a few bob, the bank customer is refunded and the bank claims off insurance.